Are you looking for fun ways to get in better shape?

Come get your mind and body connected by getting involved in the practice of Kickboxing and Yoga!

We have all seen the physical benefits with yoga and kickboxing classes. Our studio can be the answer you’ve been looking for with the daily or weekly practice of yoga/kickboxing by enhancing our bodies. The variety of classes we offer will benefit your health in relation to your mental well-being and your body. Yoga has proven to show physical, mental and spiritual improvements as well as kickboxing.

We offer a variety of yoga/kickboxing classes in Kendall. Our yoga classes also range in times so we can meet the needs of your busy schedule. Our locations are also easy to find so our students do not have to stress over Kendall traffic! Join us for yoga in any of our convenient location and you will find an increase in strength, flexibility, and endurance while decreasing tension and stress, both physically and mentally. Brawling Buddha in Kendall prides itself on the integrity of our yoga instructors and the warmth, compassion, and knowledge we spread to our students in our classes in. Come join our family!