Mommy and me Yoga

Mommy and me yoga

Mommy and Me Classes!

Brawling Buddha Yoga Studio in Kendall is now offering Buddha Babies, a Mommy and Me baby friendly yoga class. This class is geared towards moms-to-be looking for a class to practice pre-natal yoga and moms looking for a place to bring their babies, for post-natal yoga. Mommy and me yoga classes can offer a variety of fun ways for you to bond with your baby while also getting a great workout. Our mommy and me classes focus on stretching your body, strengthening your core, and lengthening your muscles. Pregnancy can cause a number of challenges and often times we lose our flexibility as moms, putting our baby’s needs first. Our mommy and me classes solve that problem! Now you don’t have to decide between rushing home and spending time with your little one or finding time to exercise. Our mommy and me yoga classes are open to moms of all levels and children of all ages. Our classes are even “breastfeeding” friendly. There is no need for you to pump or feel ashamed to have to feed your baby! Not breastfeeding? Bring your baby’s bottle and feed him/her as well!

Looking to read about the benefits of mommy and me yoga?

These classes are suited to both the new yogi and the experienced ones. These classes serve to help you get back into shape, but most importantly, to help you fall into your new life as a mom without having to give up taking care of yourself. Mommy and me classes can help reduce anxiety and increase the time you spend bonding with your baby. Mommy and me classes are also great for socialization not only for you but for your baby. For the first few years of their life, there are not a lot of opportunities to socialize with other babies. If you feel isolated or stuck inside, this is also a great way to get out of the house.
Help avoid post-partum depression with our mommy and me classes. Bonding with your baby is one of the best ways ward it off by providing uninterrupted time for moms to build their self esteem and their baby’s as well. It’s also never too early to set a positive example and model movements and exercise. Mommy and me classes usually involve both of these and babies begin to learn that playtime can be healthy and fun.



Two For One!

Even when you pay for a gym membership, it can be hard to find motivation at times. When we know our baby is benefiting as well, it is easier to find the determination to attend a class that is benefiting your baby.
Our classes come in many forms. Whether you are simply looking for a class where you can socialize your baby, meet other moms, get into shape, or bond with your baby, our mommy and me class can fit your needs!
Our mommy and me classes are taught by teachers who understand a post-pregnancy body. A mom’s body endures many challenges during and after pregnancy. We can help you regain strength in the areas that need it the most.
Still not convinced? Bring your baby and come in for a free trial class! Our teachers and staff will make you and baby feel at home and we know you will feel refreshed after the class.