Sound Workshop


June 30th at 6pm at Brawling Buddha Studio

$25 a person for 90 minutes of healing.  Reserve your spot now! space is limited


Meditation classes Kendall

An afternoon of guided meditations with a unique series of restorative yin asanas – utilizing Tibetan Bowls and Zen Shakuhachi.

Come feast on the powerful healing sounds of Zen Shakuhachi and Tibetan singing bowls. Harmonizing the most subtle vibrations we will dissolve the boundaries between mind and matter. With sound we can move deep into our bodys releasing restrictions and tension and open the mind bringing calm and ease.

To begin, the session is for all levels from complete beginners to those with advanced practice.  The series is composed of 10 asanas that are held in yin / restorative fashion – ie 3 to 4 minutes each.  During this series each person gets individual attention and interaction with the bowls, as you may have seen in the photos.
Prior to the session I give a short 5 to 10 minute talk as to the benefits of sound for meditation and yoga practice, specifically the science and metaphysics behind the bowls I work with.  The bowls are from Dharamshala India, where the Dalai Lama resides also the location of his primary temple. During the intro I describe a few of the asanas we will be doing, since there is no demo during the actual practice, plus I highly encourage everyone to have eyes closed during the practice –  this increases their focus on the sound.
Finally, after the series of postures (approx 45 minutes in) the ‘yogis’ will be in savasana.  At this point begins a sound guided meditation. I incorporate the sounds of the Shakuhachi. From laying in Savasana for approx 10 minutes the clients are brought to a seated easy posture for the final 15 minutes of meditation with Shakuhachi and silence.  This silence is ironically the most important part of the session.
The beauty of these sounds is that they bring even a beginner to a meditative state – due to the ‘alpha response’. No, advance practice or special techniques need to be know by the clients to feel the effects as would be to feel the benifits of other meditation techniques. Simply active listening is enough.  The benefits of these sounds is vast.  I’m confident it will be a great experience for everyone.

 Meet Your Instructor

Tea Roman

Tea roman #brawlingbuddhastudio“Tea Roman began his journey in sound, meditation and yoga at a young age through the crystal sound healing practices of his grandmother – an advanced Kundalini Yogi.  From that point, his path took him around the world, studying the roots of these  three ancient practices. His training includes studies in Rotterdam, Netherlands with the world renowned bamboo flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia and rigorous Indian Classical Music training while living in The Chinmaya Ashram – Kolvan, India. Now, his Suizen (blowing meditations) recordings are respected around the world by some of the most advance Zen Meditation practitioners.  Not limited to the practice of meditation and sound, Tea also has an advance knowledge of yogic philosophy, having completed his teacher training in the birthplace of yoga – Rishikesh, India. During a stay in the Himalayan of Dharamshala, Tea was given some of the most powerful Tibetan Singing Bowls available. Handmade by Tibetan Monks, these bowls are one of the key elements of his transcending ‘Sound Sessions’. Coming full circle with his in depth, practical, scientific and metaphysical knowledge of sound, meditation and yoga; Tea has developed a created of holistic practice that provides one of the purest experiences of enlightenment and consciousness available in the Western World.”