Yoga Instructors

Meet Your Instructors

Head Instructor -Tea Roman

Tea roman #brawlingbuddhastudio“Tea Roman began his journey in sound, meditation and yoga at a young age through the crystal sound healing practices of his grandmother – an advanced Kundalini Yogi.  From that point, his path took him around the world, studying the roots of these  three ancient practices. His training includes studies in Rotterdam, Netherlands with the world renowned bamboo flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia and rigorous Indian Classical Music training while living in The Chinmaya Ashram – Kolvan, India. Now, his Suizen (blowing meditations) recordings are respected around the world by some of the most advance Zen Meditation practitioners.  Not limited to the practice of meditation and sound, Tea also has an advance knowledge of yogic philosophy, having completed his teacher training in the birthplace of yoga – Rishikesh, India. During a stay in the Himalayan of Dharamshala, Tea was given some of the most powerful Tibetan Singing Bowls available. Handmade by Tibetan Monks, these bowls are one of the key elements of his transcending ‘Sound Sessions’. Coming full circle with his in depth, practical, scientific and metaphysical knowledge of sound, meditation and yoga; Tea has developed a created of holistic practice that provides one of the purest experiences of enlightenment and consciousness available in the Western World.”

Jimmy Guerrero

Yoga instructorsJimmy Guerrero was born to do one thing: teach. Jimmy Guerrero first began  Yoga / Martial Arts training  in New Jersey in the fall of 2008. It was then that his love of Yoga and Brazilian Ju Jitsu emerged, and has since evolved into a habitual daily practice. Jimmy Guerrero decided to open up his own Yoga / Martial Arts Studio  in the spring of 2012 and has made working with children and teaching them self-defense practices his full time job. It is a passion that he has fed so intensely, that he decided to further his practice in Yoga and train under Master Gillermo Mosquera and has now cross bred Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do. Jimmy Guerrero has created a stype of teaching Yoga, That makes class for a beginner fun and motivating. To make your class experience fun and configurable.
When Jimmy Guerrero is not teaching martial arts, he is teaching yoga classes, and deepening his own practice as well. Jimmy, as he is known by his yoga students, focuses mostly on power yoga and restorative. Stretching and maintaining flexibility is an area he loves to emphasize and he passes this onto his students as well.
You can also find Jimmy teaching the Women’s Kickboxing classes in the early morning and in the evening. He ensures proper from by teaching women self-defense tactics and techniques so they can defend themselves in real-life situations. A pair of boxing gloves is essential for this class, but not to worry, the only thing you will leave class with is a physical high from the fun way he teaches.