Yoga for all levels

yoga for beginners kendallWe are a yoga studio based in the West Kendall Miami area operating on the belief that yoga can be beneficial to everyone and anyone. For centuries, yoga has been used in the form of alternative medicine for stress relief, helping people recover from injuries, and increasing strength and flexibility not only in one’s body, but most importantly, in one’s mind. Hayley Milks, founder and owner of SoultoSole Yoga in West Kendall has been practicing yoga for almost a decade. All of the instructors at SoultoSole Yoga are certified and assist each client in a way that makes them feel that no matter what is going on externally in their lives, they will leave their session feeling as though they gained a sense of internal control, relaxation and a sense of renewed energy. Ashtanga and Hatha yoga are the two styles most commonly taught at SoletoSoul Yoga. Descriptions of these two, among others, are listed below. If you are in the West Kendall or Miami area and are looking for a studio that is serious about getting you in the best shape of your life, visit us at The Brawling Buddha in West Kendall. Our main focus at The Brawling Buddha in Kendall is overall well-being, encouraging balance both physically and mentally, and increasing strength and flexibility.

What to bring

All you need when you visit our studio is yourself and your mat. If you do not have a mat, we have mats available for purchase. We also carry blocks, straps, and yoga bags that can be purchased for your convenience.